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Here’s Steve who will show you how it’s done 

How To Open Your Paper Starlight


To open your Paper Starlight, hold the star flat, place one hand inside one of the outermost points and gently ease the point outwards.


Repeat with the remaining points. Ensure that each point is open before moving on to the next.


Using the two pieces of cord provided, gently bring the two outermost points together, place over light fitting and tie cords firmly, avoiding direct contact with the lightbulb.


Safety information: Recommended for use with LED bulbs up to 7 watts, or low energy lightbulbs up to 16 watts. Our stars can also be used with LED “fairy“ or “string” lights, providing they conform to the appropriate standards. Ensure that the bulb does not touch any part of the star. Actual bulb wattage should not exceed 40 watts. Do not use near naked flame, and make sure all electrical fittings are safe before use.

Please Note

Your new Starlight will be sent to you flatpacked with instructions on how to open it. To avoid damaging your Starlight, please read instructions carefully before use. Please note that your Starlight is made of paper and can be damaged if opened incorrectly. To avoid disappointment, please also watch the instructional video above.

British Standard Tested

Paper Starlights conform to British Standards (BS EN 60598-1: 2015 to be exact). The maximum recommended wattage is 40W, although we like to encourage the use of LED or energy-saving lightbulbs. We reckon that the stars look great with a 5 watt LED bulb. Each Starlight is sold with full assembly and safety instructions. Please read them carefully before use.

The British Standard test certificate can be viewed here.

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