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Bath Christmas Market 2015

Bath Christmas Market 2015

Looking forward to taking up residence in Chalet 79 at Bath Christmas Market 2015 on 26th November!

Alongside our paper starlights we also sell other beautiful items – working with other designers, artists, makers and traders in the UK to establish one of the most popular and well known Christmas market stalls. All of our stalls are run hand in hand with local staff and using local service suppliers, and we are proud to have long term relationships in all of the towns and cities we work in.

Check out our new collection of fabulous faux-fur fashion accessories, handmade in Witheridge, Devon. And don’t miss our new must-have range of decorative faux-fur POM-POMS – a perfect complement to our Starlights.

Bath Christmas Market runs from Thursday 26th November – Sunday 13th December 2015.

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