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Paperstarlights at Christmas
Paper Starlights both trade at - and decorate - Christmas markets and events

Since 1996 visitors to UK Christmas Markets have been drawn to our stalls selling Christmas stars, attracted from afar by the warmth and colour of our vibrant displays. For many folk, visiting a Christmas Market – and buying a new Christmas Starlight – is part of their family tradition. Everyone loves Paperstarlights – and, they capture the essence of the festive season. We are committed to producing only the finest hand-made star lanterns, under ethical conditions, and to create for customers an unforgettable festive experience.

‘We buy one of these from you every year – your stall is the highlight of the market’

Mark at York

We love selling Paper starlights at Christmas and every year we feel welcomed into the lives of our customers as they gather around our stall to choose the right star for themselves, their homes and their loved ones. It’s a tough choice when a Christmas star light can be a stylish decoration in a window, a signature centrepiece above a dining table, a welcoming light for a hallway – AND a perfect gift for a loved one…

We love the bustle of indecision and we love to help people find the star that’s right for them. That’s why we’ve won awards for our customer service and why indecision will always be a pleasure for the thousands of customers who come back to visit us year after year.

My favourite stall. Love our stars and such lovely and friendly people  Natalie Lyon-Ison

Great stall so friendly loved the humour   Julie Atkins

Newcastle Christmas Market

We Trade at the UK's Leading Christmas Markets

For over two decades our Christmas market stalls have been associated with some of the most renowned and well-loved Christmas markets across the UK, and every year we launch new designs to coincide with what are now key events in the UK’s calendar. Our stalls are lively and bustling spaces which draw people in as the winter light fades, and where strangers strike up conversation beneath the warm glow of a Starlight. Thank you if you have been one of the hundreds of thousands of visitors to these markets and our stalls over the years.

I have been going to the market ever since I was a little girl (I’m 29 now), and every year that this stall has been there I have wanted one of their beautiful star lights. Well this year I finally got one and I couldn’t be happier with it! Thanks so much! Xx  Nicole Mitchell, Lincoln.

Our Christmas Market Stalls

Great care and expertise go into creating our Christmas market stall environments. To ensure our stalls really stand out, we work with a collective of urban artists to create wooden structures and site specific facades to reflect local architecture and themes. Our atmospheric displays of Christmas starlight lanterns are regularly featured in the press and television broadcasts from Christmas events and shared across all social media platforms.

Read about us in the Guardian here

Hands down the best stall every year at the Market, after years of admiring these beautiful lights, we finally got one!! 💜 thank you for making our home so pretty this Christmas xx”  Clare Richards, Maidenhead.

Runner-up best Stall, Chatsworth Christmas Market 2018

Supporting Local Economies

Alongside our Paper Starlights we also sell other beautiful items – working with other designers, artists, makers and traders in the UK to establish one of the most popular and well known Christmas market stalls. All of our stalls are run hand in hand with local staff and using local service suppliers, and we are proud to have long term relationships in the towns and cities we work in. 

Supply and Distribution

Each town and each market is unique and special, and we also supply a small co-operative group of traders who sell our Paper Starlights alongside their own products in places we just can’t reach on our own. So look out for our friends too, with our range of Paper Starlights. You’ll know them by their quality and beauty.


See this short video showing how our Paper Starlights are displayed and presented within a market.

If you manage or operate a Christmas market, please get in touch We would love to hear from you!

You may be visiting this site after seeing our Paper Starlights at a Christmas Market, or you may be planning to visit a Christmas event. If you can’t make it to a market this year, fear not – you can now buy our Paper Starlights here in our online Christmas Market Shop

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