Early Days

We are importers, retailers and distributors. Two decades ago our first consignment of Paper Starlights arrived in the UK in an old aluminium trunk from India. They were an instant hit as we embarked on a journey to wholesale them to small independent shops around the UK. We travelled the length and breadth of the country, sleeping in a beat up Ford Sierra 1.6 Ghia and very quickly the repeat orders were coming in. It seemed that people just loved Starlights – and are still loving them today. Twenty years on our company has grown from two pairs of hands to a small full time team which grows as the Christmas season draws in.

Now based in the market town of Chesterfield, Derbyshire, we continue to work in a way that is defined by our trading principles and our desire to use trade as a device for improving life and lives.

Two Decades of Collaboration

We have always worked in partnership with a small family business in India – designing, producing, exporting, importing, wholesaling and retailing the most beautiful collections of Paper Starlights available anywhere. Our organisation has grown in strength through ongoing collaboration with artists, traders, makers and independent thinkers in the UK as we explore sustainable, creative and co-operative models of trading. Over the years we have been fortunate to enjoy the support, loyalty and friendship of the many thousands of customers who visit our Christmas market stalls every year – and who are an essential part of our story.

What We're About

At Paperstarlights we believe that trade is a forum for creative dialogue and collective experience. From source of production to point of sale, trade brings people together in a spirit of fair exchange and has the power to break down barriers between generations, cultures, and demographics. Trade is a creative process which connects, celebrates, inspires – and acts as a catalyst for change. Through our trading activities we aim to harness the creative power of collaboration and highlight the nature of co-operation, mutual value and human interaction

What We're About

Our Chesterfield HQ

Our Online Team

We want to provide the best possible Starlights, at the fairest price, delivered in the best possible way. This is why we work with our partners at starlightlanterns.co.uk who are the authorised online retailers of Paperstarlights. They’re a fantastic team of friends to work with and committed to the best possible customer service.

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The team at starlightlanterns.co.uk

Starlights Make People Happy

Starlights Make People Happy

Older, younger, or somewhere in between – people just love Paper Starlights. Whoever we are, a twinkling star in a clear night sky brings light, comfort and reassurance. Paper Starlights have been bringing light and comfort into homes for two decades – and everybody involved in their production and distribution loves the pleasure they bring.

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"Will it match the parrot?"
"I can see that these are superior quality. It shows through in every way" 
"Can I have the beautiful, twinkly one, please?"
"Our whole family love your stars. Every year we buy a new one from you"
"We get our star out every year for Christmas – it’s part of our family tradition" 
"We buy one of these from you every year – your stall is the highlight of the market" 
"My mum bought a star from you for me when I was a little girl. Now I'm buying one for my daughter"
"It can be honestly said that your lanterns are very impressive and shining"
"My girls had your star lights in their bedrooms about 6 years ago from you at the Lincoln Market. They love them"
"Very happy with these lights. Easy to set up. I like the way the light shines on the wall, I have been staring at them for some time now"