Timeless Design

Paper Starlights are masterpieces of 3-dimensional geometric precision, hand-made in paper and designed to fit over a lightbulb. An atmospheric lampshade, classic centrepiece, or evocative Christmas decoration, a Starlight is a piece of timeless design for any occasion.

Starlight Ambient light

Ambient light

Ambient light effects are created through hand-punched perforations in the Starlight, which release the light and cast fluid patterns of light against a wall or ceiling. Coloured tissue inserts applied over the perforations create a stunning stained glass effect.

Simple to use

Each Starlight is flatpacked and consists of interlocking points of geometric accuracy. Simple to use, each point folds open consecutively to form a star shape which, when placed over a lightbulb, is transformed into a beautiful 3-dimensional source of light.  Watch our Assembly Video to see how it’s done.

Expertly Made and Responsibly Sourced

Paper Starlights are expertly hand-made by a small family business in India, a craft based on more than two decades of skill and experience.

A Traditional Craft

Each Starlight component is screen-printed using traditional dyes before being hand-punched with a die. Tissue inserts are pasted over the perforations before the star is assembled using geometric skill and accuracy. Each star is rigorously checked and tested to the highest standards before despatch.

For nearly 20 years we have been working closely with a small family business in India to develop exclusive ranges of these wonderful and simple lampshades. A product of a long and happy working relationship, we work closely with our partners to produce new designs every year.

Responsibly Traded

Paper Starlights are handmade from responsibly sourced paper. With their unrivalled luminescence they have become a tradition for two generations of customers – and, because we have worked in partnership for this long, you can be sure that each piece is equitably traded and made by people who work in a happy, secure and supportive environment. Find out more about how we trade .

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