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Pop Up Christmas! Pop Up Parties! Pop Up Markets!

How about an instant, one of a kind pop up event, pop-up market, or pop-up party?
We are specialists in the provision of Pop Up, instant environments. Fast and responsive, of world class quality and with our trademark distinctive atmosphere.
With an impressive track record, we will bring an instant mobile experience to you – filled with conviviality, bonhomie and lashings of good cheer. We are the proud proprietors of the world’s smallest Victorian pub on wheels. The local that come to you. So whether it’s a mobile bar, market, party, celebration or experience, we will deliver it with skill, professionalism and spectacle

A Mobile Pop Up Christmas
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With events, markets and life so difficult to plan, it’s important to be able to act quickly. Perhaps to take advantage of positive situations, or to have a built-in contingency for changes in circumstance, such as unforeseen lockdowns, or the lifting of them.
None of us know what’s in store tomorrow, let alone next month.
What we do know is that we have to be careful, follow relevant guidelines, and be proactively aware of the risks. And to look after one another and stay safe.

So we’re adapting, like all of us. Our Pop-Up environments are designed to be dynamic, flexible, fast, fully compliant, Covid safe – and Ready to Go. And more than that – are designed to come to you – to where you want to be – your environment, your community, your workplace.
We can transform any outdoor space into a venue, quickly. A market place, village green, local park, shopping centre. Outside a school, hospital, theatre, office block, warehouse. In a field.

Pop Up Parties
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We’ve brought mobile events and pop-up Christmas parties to stately homes, towns and city centres. We’ve provided instant parties for celebrity chefs, impromptu celebrations and fundraisers for charities, break out spaces at major festivals, venues and markets. And we can come to you.

So…… about a dynamic Pop Up mini Christmas Market experience? Call us on 07803 164394. We can provide:
⦁ Mini Christmas markets: all the atmosphere and best bits of a Christmas market but a fraction of the size

⦁ Instant Christmas markets: take the headache out of planning and be quick and responsive.

⦁ Instant mini events: Always traditional, always quirky. Our fleet of mobile units deliver events direct to your door. Treat your staff and their families, treat your customers, your communities. Treat yourselves.

⦁ Private parties and weddings: all the atmosphere of a festival, condensed into the comfortable size you need and guidelines permit


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