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Looking for superior quality wholesale paper star lanterns?

Our finest quality fairly traded starlight lanterns are available wholesale to the trade.
Sustainably produced using traditional techniques and natural materials, our handmade and fairly traded starlights bring light, warmth and happiness, embodying concepts of simple living and functionality.
We produce and stock the largest range of handmade paper star lanterns available – each piece is artist-designed and individually handmade and screenprinted to the highest standards. We have designs of handmade starlights that run throughout the year, with sales traditionally peaking towards Christmas.

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We wholesale paper starlights for online distribution, for retail at events and markets, for Christmas markets, shops, garden centres, boutiques, and visual merchandising and décor. Paper Starlights are easy to store, stack, or post. Whatever your requirements, please call us on +44 7803 164394.


Whatever your market sector, we can help with display ideas and merchandising design. From minimalist, pure, Scandi style lighting, through funky Bohemian and deep rich tones, to bright and intense colours and spectrums, we can help you put together a range and style that fits you and your audience / customers, and the zeitgeist of our times.

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Use our high quality handmade paper stars to draw customers in, complement and drive sales of existing product ranges, and to create fresh and welcoming displays. Experiment with size, colour, height and depth, and different forms of illumination for your specific retail environment.
If you are looking for wholesale volumes of high quality star lanterns in original designs – with unparalleled choice and over 25 years of production expertise – please talk to us.

Contact us on +44 7803 164394 for bulk and trade supplies of starlights for Christmas and all year round.

Fairly Traded

Our fairly traded paper stars are available wholesale in the UK, Germany, Holland, France, Scandinavia, and the rest of Europe, Canada, the USA, Dubai and the UAE, and worldwide.
Our quality starlight lanterns are compliant with British Standards.
For more information contact

Call us for a chat on +44 7803 164394

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